Living on a PRE (A Promise, A Reminder and an Encouragement)  

Several years ago, and I do mean several, The Lord gave me 2 dreams and spoke to me the meaning behind them in regards to my life. Unlike most dreams that tend to fade over time, these dreams, as time has gone on, have become more vivid, clear and brighter just about everytime I close my eyes. They have been promises that I’ve held on to for dear life, for so long. 

Today at lunch I was talking with a friend about these dreams and the meaning behind them. In one of the dreams 2 cars were traveling down two separate highways, gaining their own speed and momentum. Eventually, the two highways intersected, but the cars didn’t slow down. It seemed like a crash was inevitable, but at the moment of intersection the two cars become one and the individual speed and momentum they carried, catapulted and propelled, the now single car, forward with such velocity the car seemed to disappear into the distance. 

I’ve carried this dream with me for 12 years and have never had the perspective as what was show to me by my friend. The new perspective: The 2 cars never saw each other coming!! The timing was perfect and then they collided into one, but they didn’t see each other until the moment was right. 

You don’t understand what this new perspective did for my hope and spirit!! I can’t even explain it, but it was what I needed today. You see we serve a God who is not limited to time and space, He holds time and space!! Scripture says that “A thousand years is like a day and a day is like a thousand years” (2 Peter 3:8) When I remembered this today, I became excited again…because even though I was given this dream 12 years ago and the other dream was given 15 years ago, it’s only been like 6 hours on God’s timetable!! 

If you have been given promises and dreams from God, I want to encourage you…don’t give up hope. God keeps his promises!! When you look throughout Scripture, you see God promising a child to Abraham and Sarah, yet they had to wait. You see God promising David he would be King, yet he had to wait. You see God giving dreams to Joseph yet he had to wait in the pit before he got to the palace. I don’t quite understand why God often promises us and shows us the end result, yet makes us wait to see the result; except for the fact that he is preparing us for our destiny. He knows that without effective preparation, we would have utter devastation. Don’t give up hope, Hope (Jesus) is the anchor for the soul (Hebrews 6:19). 

You may seem like your living in captivity and that your promises will never be fulfilled, but I love what Jeremiah 29:11 in the Message version says: “I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not to abandon you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” He’s planned out our lives since the foundations of the earth and he won’t abandon us (Jeremiah 31:35-37). So I’ve said all this to say this one thing: (typical preacher right)  DONT GIVE UP, HE WILL BRING THE DREAMS HE’S GIVEN YOU TO PASS!! Delay doesn’t mean denial, it simply means you’re not done cooking in the crockpot. We serve a crockpot God, not a microwave God. His timing is perfect, even when we don’t think it isn’t. 


It’s been a while….

So as you can see I haven’t written anything since 2009. A LOT HAS HAPPENED since then and maybe one day (if I keep this up this time) I’ll give a synopsis of what has taken place over the last 6 years)

But today I need to do this…it just felt good. So here’s what was in my head…

Pastor/ Youth Pastors: Don’t be afraid of numbers. Numbers tell the truth. This afternoon I was feeling kinda low cause I’m not “seeing” the kinda growth I wanted to in our ministry. So I pulled out the numbers from when I first started tracking in Sept. In Sept, we AVERAGED 7 students, October- Averaged 10.75 student, November- Average 13.5 students, December- Averaged 15 students, January – Averaged 14 students.

Now I could get discouraged and beat my head against my desk, because these numbers don’t seem big, big in reality this growth is amazing and a God thing! In just 4 and a half months we’ve doubled the size of our student ministry! Is it where we want to be, no not at all. We have a goal of reaching 2% of students in Amarillo, Bushland and Canyon, and that 2% equals 416 students…that’s our goal. Read More