A quick weekend of new…

So late Thursday afternoon, I set off on a super quick trip to my hometown of Albuquerque to meet my new nephew Joah Thomas Lopez!! JT was born a week ago Friday and he’s perfect! That means I also got to see his older brother Jeremiah, so with seeing both my nephews my Uncle heart was really happy! (If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram you can see pics) 

Also, continuing with the new theme, my parents got a new dog named Cooper! He’s a light brown miniature poodle. He’s kinda skiddish around new people so he didn’t like me to much, but I think he started getting used to me right as I left. 

Anywho, I just got back home and added to the “new” theme…tonight is the dreaded “Daylight Saving Time” 😩 So with that being said…I’m going to bed! Night! 

Old Man Winter

So I moved to Amarillo July 20th, 2014 and when I got here there were a couple of things I need to get used to: 1. Making an almost daily stop at this place called Texas Tea. It’s literally like a frozen yogurt shop but for tea…there is a ton of variety…so tasty!! 2. The “smell” of money. Now, I’m not talking about taking money out of your pocket and smelling it (if you do that, you’re kinda weird) but I’m talking about poop…cow poop. If you’re not used to this smell, it will smack you upside the face when you least expect it and it seems to be worse when we’ve got any type of moisture.

One of the things I heard constantly when I moved here is that “We can have bad winters” and “If we get the right storm, we can get a lot of snow.” Pshhh! You see growing up in Albuquerque, it literally takes an act of God for us to get some snow, and when we do get snow, it could snow a couple of inches and then be gone by the end of the day. In fact just the other day Albuquerque got 5-8 inches and according to my brother, it was gone by the next day!! So that’s the type of winter I’ve grown accustomed to…cold temps, but not really a lot of snow.

So, fast forward to this winter season. I know for a fact that I have seen more snow this winter than what I have the entire 18 years I grew up in Albuquerque. Just from the months of December-February we’ve seen close to 18-20 inches total in the city of Amarillo. 18-20 inches!!! Now I know I have friends that live across the country and 18-20 inches isn’t much to some people, but for this coconut it’s a big thing! I’ve had some great experience like building an almost 6ft snow man and made an epic sledding video too.

I’ve said all that to say, as much as I love winter and as much as I enjoying being colder than hot, I’m so ready for Old Man Winter to be over. It’s been fun, and I’ve had made some great memories, but you can gracefully make your exit now and not leave any more snow, sleet, freezing rain in your wake.

Here’s a link to my sledding video


It’s been a while….

So as you can see I haven’t written anything since 2009. A LOT HAS HAPPENED since then and maybe one day (if I keep this up this time) I’ll give a synopsis of what has taken place over the last 6 years)

But today I need to do this…it just felt good. So here’s what was in my head…

Pastor/ Youth Pastors: Don’t be afraid of numbers. Numbers tell the truth. This afternoon I was feeling kinda low cause I’m not “seeing” the kinda growth I wanted to in our ministry. So I pulled out the numbers from when I first started tracking in Sept. In Sept, we AVERAGED 7 students, October- Averaged 10.75 student, November- Average 13.5 students, December- Averaged 15 students, January – Averaged 14 students.

Now I could get discouraged and beat my head against my desk, because these numbers don’t seem big, big in reality this growth is amazing and a God thing! In just 4 and a half months we’ve doubled the size of our student ministry! Is it where we want to be, no not at all. We have a goal of reaching 2% of students in Amarillo, Bushland and Canyon, and that 2% equals 416 students…that’s our goal. Read More


So yeah…the last couple of days have been kinda crazy. On tuesday was my grandpa’s birthday so I took him out for lunch. We had a good time at lunch, but I know that in the back of our minds we couldn’t help but think of that the next day we as a family would be remembering the 1 year anniversary of my grandma passing away. To be honest, it really doesn’t seem like a year, it seems more like a couple of months. I’m kinda glad that the anniversary of her passing was on a Wednesday this year cause with youth service on Wednesday’s it kept me preoccupied.

The youth ministry is going really well. God has been and is doing some really amazing things. I’ve had some parents really step up and get involved and become youth sponsors, which is great cause seems to be that students are coming out of the woodwork.

For STL (Speed the Light, is a missions program that provided vechiles and sound systems to missionaries) we’re doing a competition called “the extraordinary race 2009″ I’ll post another blog explaning how the “game” works at another time.

For now, i’ve gotta go and get ready for band rehearsal which starts in about 20 minutes.

The First One

Hi and welcome! I decided to try and give this a shot, so we’ll see what happens. Keep it here to hear the ruckus in my head. I hope that you like what you see. I will do my best to try and blog at least once a week…so anyway welcome and enjoy the ruckus in my head